VigRX Plus vs. Vimax – Comprehensive Comparison Based On Personal Opinion


What is the best male enhancement pill – Vimax or VigRX Plus?

vigrx plus vs vimax

It is a reasonable question whereas both products hold the top position on the market today.

  • But what are the similarities and differences between them?
  • Why you should prefer one to another?
  • Which brand to prefer?

To tell you the truth, it is a bit complicated.

I will lie if I tell you something like “VigRX Plus works better so don’t buy Vimax” or “Vimax is the best PE pill, VigRX Plus works much worse” it will be the same as “Audi is the best car, don’t buy BMW”.

Well, if both products fight for the #1 position, how to make the final decision? What to take into consideration?

Let’s try to determine based on product’s reviews, other customer’s testimonials and personal experience.



    • VigRX Plus and Vimax are two top rated PE pills available on the market
    • Both are NATURAL male enhancement dietary supplements formulated from specially selected, highest quality ingredients: herbs, roots, vitamins and amino-acids.  They are natural supplements, not synthetic prescribed drugs.
    • VigRX Plus  and Vimax pills both were produced by major health companies. Quality of the product is the highest priority for both manufacturers.
    • They both bring the best possible results in penile enlargement, premature ejaculation, intercourse satisfaction, ability to maintain erection and overall sexual health.
    • Both are absolutely safe, no side effects.
    • Worldwide shipping is available.  But free shipping both provide for USA customers only.
    • 60 days money back guarantee. They both have very good refund policy. Quickly process the refund request in full exclude shipping.



Of course even the best brands of enhancers have their differences. Are they significant or not? It’s up to you to decide!

    • The most important difference, by my opinion, is the clinical tests.  VigRX Plus passed clinical tests with real men (volunteers).  Two years of clinical studies by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD versus 8 months of unknown and indefinite clinic tests. Clinical study report directly from Vedic Lifesciences is listed on VigRX Plus official website. I was unable to find anything similar from Vimax clinical tests. However, Vimax pills are manufactured in an FDA-Approved Facility, it means much.
    • Vimax manufacturer produce related products such as penis extenders, Vimax patches and Vimax volume pills
    • Price is always matters.  You should pay $76.99 for one month supply of VigRX Plus (contains 60 pills) and $59.95 per one bottle of Vimax pills (contains 30 pills).
    • Vimax offers 15 days trial, you’ll get the bottle of Vimax pills free of charge (shipping is not free of course).
    • By my opinion, VigRX Plus offer more valuable bonuses started with 4 month supply pack.
    • Both sellers pack and ship all orders discreetly with no indication of the product inside. Credit Card Billing in case of Vimax order: Izef llc., Pillsexpert Inc. Credit card charges will appear on your statement as “”  in case of VigRX Plus order.
    • You can order VigRX Plus via phone, email, fax or online – just choose what is the best way for you. Vimax can be ordered via online form only.



Two reputable health companies produce two top-rated male enhancers. Who is winning the battle?

Well, it’s always the customer knows. It absolutely doesn’t mean that what works better for you works the same for other men. The best way to make your own decision is to try the product personally.

By my opinion, VigRX Plus stands a bit above Vimax pills. Why? Well, because it works better for me and because I like bonuses.

If you would like to know more about VigRX Plus and Vimax i strongly recommend you to see full product reviews: VigRX Plus Review and Vimax Pills Review

What criteria are most important for you? Please leave your comments below.


Comparison Table

  • Brand Name

  • Rating

  • Results
  • Size Gain
  • Bonuses
  • Money back
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Male Exercises
  • Clinically Tested
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Discounts
  • Free Shipping
  • 1 Year Supply
  • My Review

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September 27, 2012

frank waters @ 1:37 am #

are any pills u have taken permanent with the size ?

September 28, 2012
November 12, 2012

Alvin @ 8:50 am #

How long we should take for 2″ increasement?

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