How Do Semen Pills Work

An orgasm is an intensely pleasurable experience. When orgasm occurs, various muscles around the penis contract steadily so that semen can be released from the penis. The muscles that contract to release the semen are the Pubococcygeus, anal sphincter and the perineum muscles.

These contractions are directly proportionate to the volume of sperm that must be ejaculated – if you have a higher sperm volume, your muscles will contract more to release all the semen out.

After you read this, you may wonder why bother about increasing semen count by taking semen pills when your sperm production is normal. Well, the answer is simple – A higher volume of sperm will help you experience a mind-blowing pleasurable orgasm.

Even your partner will feel more pleasure – and just in case you did not know, women experience more pleasure when their partner ejaculates inside their body. Therefore, a higher volume of semen leads to more sexual satisfaction for both him and her. This is why you need semen pills.

These pills help increase the quantity and quality of the semen. There are physical trainers out there who keep repeating that you can achieve this by exercising, leading a healthy lifestyle and reducing stress.

However, this is in theory and if you want to increase the quantity and quality of your semen, pills are the answer.

Good semen pills contain natural ingredients like extracts of pomegranate, L-Arginine, velvet bean (a legume), and of vasodilator plants. These natural ingredients work by opening the blood vessels and thus facilitating an enhanced blood flow.

This makes more blood to travel to the penis area, which in turn helps create a better and firm erection that lasts for a very long time.

how sperm is being made


Here Is What These Pills Achieve

  1. The pills help the semen travel very smoothly through the glands during the ejaculation process.
  2. The pills strengthen the epididymis, which is the part that holds the sperm until it is fully matured and ready for ejaculation. This ensures that sperm delivery logistics are high quality.
  3. Testicles are enhanced by the pills as well. The testicles generate sperms and testosterone. Testicles hold seminiferous tubules that allot sperm, and the strengthening of the seminiferous tubules ensures that the sperm production and allocation is optimized.
  4. The prostate creates the fluid in the semen. Semen pills help enhance the prostate gland function and ensure that the acidic levels in the sperms are balanced out. This is achieved by pressing the urethral duct.
  5. The seminal vesicles that produce the semen, which is the fluid that protects the sperms post-ejaculation, are also strengthened by the semen pills.
  6. Ditto for the vas deferens, which are the ducts that travel from the epididymis to the seminal vesicles.

This is how semen pills work.

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A Few Last Words

Before staring on a program, remember to consult a medical professional. Before buying a product, read the reviews by experts and then decide.

Finally, for best results, combine these pills with a penis enlargement exercise program.


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