How To Measure Penis Size The Best Way

Those men that are enthused about the ways in which the length and girth of the penis will likely find success in their enhancement endeavors. After all, if you are enthused about taking the steps necessary to increase penis size the odds are likely you will be able to achieve your goals.

However, there are other things that must be taken into consideration beyond just being concerned over performing the necessary length and girth enhancement exercises. The process does need to start with correctly measuring the size of the penis.

This way, it becomes possible to always have an accurate insight into the actual size and girth of the penis. Yes, there is a best way to measure penis size.


What Is The Best Way To Measure The Length And Girth Of The Penis?

First, it is absolutely necessary that the penis is completely and fully erect when seeking to measure its size. This means the penis must be fully erect and not half erect or three-quarters erect.

You cannot get the most accurate assessment of your size unless the penis is 100% erect. This must be the case each and every time you measure the length and girth of the penis to track progress.

If you are continually measuring the penis at different stages of arousal then the measurements will be consistently different which would not be a help to anyone wishing to meet their enhancement goals.

Again, you must always adhere to the best way to measure penis size.

With penis length, it is necessary to get a “bone pressed” measurement. What this means is a ruler will press into the base of the penis until it touches the bone.

This way, the fat at the base of the penis does not skew the actual stats on the real length of the penis.

As for girth, you will want to wrap a tape measure around the center of the penis shaft. Be sure the measure wraps around evenly so as to be sure the results are not skewed.

The process of how to measure penis size should always be one that follows an accurate method.

measuring length

measuring girth


The Frequency Of Taking Measurements

You will have to measure your penis at regular intervals in order to track progress. However, you do need to be wary of measuring the penis to often. Regardless of what certain exercise programs or capsule supplements may state, increases in the size of the penis will occur gradually.

You will never see any overnight improvements. This is why one of the best ways to measure penis size is to only do so every month. When you measure it with great frequency, you probably will not see much in terms of changes.

This can lead to becoming dismayed since a lack of seeing results can have you believing no physiological changes are occurring.


What Occurs Over Time

It is also necessary to point out that the length gains the penis will experience will diminish over time. The greatest gains will likely be at the beginning of the process. So, after six months, it may be best to only measure length every two months or so.

Yes, sometimes the best way to measure penis size is to not measure it very frequently. You never want to approach the process in any way that could make you feel less inclined to continue with an enhancement program.

The process of how to measure penis size is more deliberate than many initially realize. While being deliberate can be tedious, it will increase the likelihood you always have access to accurate measurement statistics.


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