How To Improve Penis Girth

Is penis enlargement all about lengthening the organ? For some men, length is what they wish to increase. However, there will be other men that wish for it to become thicker. That means they want to increase the girth of the penis. Are there ways how to improve penis girth? Actually, there are and they come in the form of manual exercises.


The Surgical Option

It does bear mentioning there is a surgical option that claims to be able to provide an answer to how to improve penis girth. While this surgical procedure is quite costly, it comes with scores of serious problems that make the surgery something to really think twice about before undergoing.

Penis thickening surgery entails having fat suctioned from one area of the body (commonly, it will be suctioned from the buttocks region) and then transferred via injection to the penis shaft. This will immediately be made much thicker since so much extra organic matter has been added to it.

There are huge problems associated with this surgery. The first problem is it is only a temporary solution. When the fat is injected into the shaft, it will not remain there permanently. The fat will slowly dissolve because the penis is not able to store fat.



Also, the fat might not be evenly distributed through the penis creating a lumpy look. Gravity may take effect and the fat may literally drop and collect solely at the base of the penis. This can create a bizarre look to the penis no man would want to embody.

Complications are also possible when a man undergoes the penis thickening procedure. Scarring is a potential result and then there can be issued where maintaining an erection can be difficult.

There are some men that speak positively about penis girth enhancement surgery, but a great many will also speak negatively about it due to bad experiences.

Once men become aware of the problems associated with the thickening procedures, they will look for ways how to improve penis girth that are more viable. Manual exercises just might be the very best path to take. Combining these exercises with quality penis pills might lead to achieving excellent results.


Manual Penis Thickening Exercises

The basic exercise to increase the thickness of the penis would be to perform jelquing.

Jelquing is an exercise where a milking motion is employed to force blood from the base of the penis to the head. By forcing the blood to the head of the penis, an amazing amount of pressure is put on the chambers of the penis and the cells in the penis shaft.

Through taking penis pills such as VigRX Plus (i recommend you to check full review here), the amount of the blood forced into the chambers will increase even more. The end result of this could be an even much thicker penis than would be the case with manual exercises alone.

It is the chambers of the penis that hold the blood sent to the penis when it is stimulated via arousal. When these chambers are filled with blood, the penis becomes erect. If the chambers of the penis and the cells in the penis tissue are increased, then the size of the penis will become much larger.

Again, this is a thickening exercise and not one designed to improve length although a slight amount of length increase may be possible.


The Performance Of The Exercises

It is extremely unwise to perform the exercises at a high volume. While many men may be enthused about performing the exercises, turning enthusiasm into doing too many of the exercises can lead to injury.

An injury is certainly not what anyone would want to experience since this can lead to problems maintaining an erection. A decent amount of repetitions on the exercises performed throughout the week will likely lead to the desired results.


Ways To Make the Manual Exercises More Advanced

There are ways the manual jelquing exercises can be enhanced and made more advanced. This would revolve around performing modified versions of the traditional exercises. In some cases, it may be wise to try new versions of the exercises (check this posthere , and this one as well) in order to prevent the penis from becoming complacent in how it reacts to the exercises and resultant growth.

There are quite a number of manuals available to learn the basics of how to perform manual exercises. Some information may even be found for free on the internet. For example you can subscribe to my newsletter and get male enhancement exercises book free of charge.

Certain manufacturers of penis pills may offer directions on exercises to go along with the purchase of their product.

Regardless of the source of the exercise directions, as long as the directions are well written and reflect a safe way to perform the exercises, they may be helpful.


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