What Is The Average Penis Size

What is the average size of the penis? This might not be a question many men ask aloud but they do wonder it to themselves. Many men do wish they could get accurate access to the actual answer to such a question.

Why is it important to know the average male penis length? Well, if your interests are solely based in wanting to know some trivia then there really is not very much importance to knowing.

However, if you have a serious desire to increase the length and girth of the penis then if would be helpful to learn what the average length is.

There are also other benefits to knowing what the average size of the penis is. Those that wonder whether or not they are undersized in comparison to other men will be able to look at the statistics and then realize how they measure up…literally.

A lot of scientific information has been recorded which has established what the average size of the male penis is. An examination of this information will reveal all that there is to know about the subject.


Research And Average Size

Based on years of research, we do have a somewhat clear idea as to what the average size of the penis actually is. The average size of the penis is roughly 3.5 to 3.7 inches when flaccid and in the range of 5.0-5.7 inches when erect.

This would be 9 to 9.5 centimeters when flaccid and about 12.8 to 14 centimeters when erect.

What is immediately stunning to many men when they read such stats is they are shocked at how much smaller the size of the penis is based on their assumption of what the average penis length is.

Such similar surprise is gained when they discover the average girth of the penis.

The circumference is around 3.3 to 3.5 inches which is 8.5 to 9 centimeters when in the flaccid stage. When the penis becomes erect, it will be around 3.9 to 4.1 inches which is 10 to 10.5 centimeters.


Popular Culture Can Have An Effect On How Men Believe What Average Male Size Is

Many men do not learn about the average size of the penis from scientific sources. Rather, they learn about the size of the penis through mentions in the media which is generally not very accurate.

Any information that has been acquired from entertainment media is most definitely not likely to be very accurate. However, many men assume the information they receive is accurate.

Why is this? The reason is they just might hear inaccurate information time and time again. This can lead to arriving at false assumptions about what male penis size is.


Seek Right Info

If there was a rule that would be best followed it would be to stay away from false information. One of the best ways to do this would be to only review credible sources. While this might not always be easy to do it is worth the effort.

Why is this so? Basically, when you have access to reliable information, you can put a number of your concerns to rest.

For example, many men may be worrying about the size of their penis because they assume it is very small. In reality, their size is not small in comparison to the average length of others.

In fact, they might even have an above average size penis and not even realize this is the case.

Similarly, those men wondering if they should take the steps to enlarge their penis can now make informed decisions as to whether or not this is the right course of action to take.


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