All You Should Know About Damiana

Damiana is a unique medicinal plant that is Native to Mexico and southern part of America. Its leaves are dried, crushed and used in medicines. In Mexico, Damiana has been used as an aphrodisiac by the hombres since many decades now, and there are many good reasons for that.


Why Is Damiana Used in Medicine?

Damiana is used in medicine used to treat asthma, depression, menstrual disorders, headaches and anxiety. This is because scientific studies have proved that the herb helps cure these conditions.

Damiana also contains compounds that mimic the effects of progesterone. Elevated levels of this hormone ensure that the uterus lining keeps supplying rich and thick blood to the fertilized egg.

It also raises a woman’s basal body temperature by 0.4 degrees and generally does things inside the body that get a woman fit and ready for pregnancy.

Damiana also works like an anti-depressant. It also strengthens the immune system and as you know, an improved immune system keeps diseases at bay. It is available as tea, herbal powder, liqueur, and in capsules.


Damiana’s Role In Penis Enhancement

Damiana plays a big role in the penis enhancement industry. It combines with other herbs and increases the flow of blood to the organs, notably the penis. It is an open secret that the penis is controlled by the CVS (Central Nervous System), which triggers erections.

The penis holds a sponge-like tissue called the Corpora Cavernosa. This spongy tissue receives the flow of blood during an erection. Damiana and other herbs increase the blood flow and therefore when the Corpora Cavernosa receives an extra gush of blood, erections become thicker (indirectly increasing the erect penis’s size).

Damiana, when combined with other herbal nutrients like Gingko and Ginseng (and others) also enhances the Corpora Covernosa’s blood holding capabilities. Now, if this spongy tissue can hold more blood for a longer period of time, the user will experience improved sexual stamina.

However, Damiana does not work overnight. Users have to take it over a period of time to see results.


The Side Effects Of Damiana

Therapeutic doses of Damiana do not have any significant side effects. However, large doses can cause harm. High doses can even cause convulsions of the kind that are caused by tetanus.

Actually, Damiana has not yet been fully and thoroughly researched by the scientific community, which is why there is no correct dosage recommendation for the herb.

Rule of thumb says that that up to 6-12 grams of dried Damiana leaves (2-4 grams taken 3 times a day) will not cause any side effects.


Who Should Not take Damiana

Diabetics must stay away from the herb because it can make them hypoglycemic, which means that their blood-sugar levels may fall below the desired levels. This is because Damiana interacts with drugs that are taken to control blood sugar.

Now, here’s a contradiction – high doses of Damiana must not be taken by pregnant women even though the herb mimics the effect of proestrogen. This is because Damiana contains phytotoxins (cyanogenetic glycosides). Foods like lima beans also contain these phytotoxins.

Women impacted by breast cancer, people affected by Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, mental disorders or Alzheimer’s also must not take this herb.


Should I Consult A Doctor Before Taking Damiana?

If you are impacted by any of the medical conditions listed above, you should consult a doctor before starting or avoiding the herb. If you are a healthy person, then there should be no problem unless you suddenly decide to take large doses.

In addition, you can check with a herbal or alternative health practitioner if you feel the need.

Your Damiana dosage must be as prescribed by the doctor.

Damiana can be delivered orally (tea, liqueur, pill) or directly into the bloodstream through a patch. Remember not to take more than form of Damiana (tea, pill, liqueur) at once because then you would be taking in large amounts.

This is what you should know about Damiana.


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