Manual Stretching Techniques To Enlarge The Penis

Men that are interested in increasing the size of their penis will generally be most interested in increasing the length of their penis. The average male length is about 5.5 inches.

Through employing manual stretching exercises, it may be possible to increase the length of the penis by an inch or more. These manual stretching techniques are fairly easy to perform.

This is not to suggest you will experience results without any effort. It will always require proper and consistent effort in order to achieve length gains. Those willing to put in the proper amount of work will discover they can improve their length. They may possibly be able to improve it beyond even their most optimistic expectations.


Manual Stretching Techniques Defined

What exactly are manual stretching techniques? Basically, this refer to using the hands to stretch the flaccid penis away from the body. When the penis is stretched away from the body, stress is placed on the tissues. (Note: the stretching should not be extreme. It is a light stretch that only causes minor stress. You want to avoid injury)

The tissues of the penis will not appreciate the added tension so there will be a physiological reaction that can result. This reaction would be the penis becoming larger.


The Most Basic Stretch

The most basic of manual stretching techniques would be to clasp the flaccid penis around the head and pull it away from the body. Holding it in the stretched position for several seconds can contribute to stressing the tissues.

Some will flex the PC muscles while the penis is stretched away from the body to deliver increased tension. Holding the penis away from the body and maintaining a stretch for up to ten seconds for one rep is commonly performed. The number of reps will depend on how long you have been performing the exercises.

How does this increase the length of the penis? Basically, as with a manual penis stretching device, the tension on the penis can lead to cellular division. That means the cells will divide to create new tissue to alleviate the tension. This is what leads to the shaft of the penis becoming longer.


Downward Manual Stretching

There is another stretch that can be performed which is dubbed the downward stretch. The way this technique works is that instead of pulling the penis away from the body the penis will be stretched downward.

This can contribute to placing pressure on the suspensory ligament that connects the penis to the pelvic bone. As the ligament stretches, more of the inner penis can be exposed. Hence, the penis can be made longer.


A Combination Approach

There is a manual stretching technique that entails “twirling” the penis in a circular manner. How does this work? The penis is stretch straight up and then is twirled in a circular manner maintaining the stretch in all directions.

This allows the tissue of the penis to be stressed from many angles will also adding in angles that impact the suspensory ligament.

Another way to perform a stretch such as this would be to perform the basic manual stretch and release method but change the angles time that you do so. The concept of hitting the tissue of the penis from various angles could lead to increased gains. The reason is the penis never gets too used to any particular angle.


Follow a Quality Learning Program

The information presented herein in not intended to be comprehensive in any way. It is just an overview. For those wishing to take part in a manual stretching program, it is well advised to procure a detailed program guide that offers information on warm ups, proper performance of the stretches and tips on safety.

This way, you can get the most out of your exercise sessions. And of course, no matter what exercise program you perform always be consistent with it to achieve results.

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